Okee! Even my mother is complaining about my lack of posts. There just isnít enough time people! Phred and I together = doing lots of stuff! So here goes:

First my Dad is back to work and doing well, for him. His balance is never going to be better and can only worsen with time, but heís functioning now, with help, god bless him!

Next the cast is off my finger and Iím in hand therapy twice a week and it seems to be working but I may need another surgery if I canít free a tendon that seems stuck in scar tissue with some exercise and ultrasound.

The Ex is still in jail and I did pay his October mortgage with the bail money I received back after he went to jail. Iím of mixed emotions about that since Iím so broke I need Fred to pay my 20 dollar copays twice a week for the hand therapy. I hope to God that Ron doesnít get in anymore trouble because I donít even have the choice of helping him anymore. Itís not fair to Fred if Fred has to make up for what I do for Ron. So Iím guessing Ron better learn to clean his act up or heís going to find himself in a bad place.

Okee now Fred and I. We wentt fishing with the Moose club the 15th of September and I caught a 5ish pound haddock. The biggest fish was FORTY pounds of monk fish! I might have mentioned this already but shortly after I had an MRI and they found a spot on my LEFT breast (original cancer was in the right one) so they scheduled an ultrasound biopsy THREE WEEKS later, just so I could worry and dwell on it, ya know? Anyways that came out fairly well. They had problems finding the spot and so I didnít have a biopsy and they want a follow up MRI in 6 months. It never, ever goes away even if itís gone. You just never know and must be vigilant until the day you die. So even if youíre cured, youíre not cured. CANCER SUCKS!

Fred is having a board fixed that has rotted and yet supports one fourth of my hip roof. While heís doing that heís also replacing all my fascia boards and enclosing the front and side overhang. I have mixed feelings about that. The good part? It will protect my roof boards from weather and needing to be painted and it will keep the birds from nesting under my eaves and occasionally finding their way into my house through a knee wall upstairs. The bad part? It will keep the birds from living under my eaves and making nice cooing sounds and bright chirping sounds especially when they are nesting in the spring or during a winter storm when I know they are safe with me.

Phred also took m to see Michael Franti and Spearhead (my favorite group from the June Mountain Jam) at the Roxie in Boston. It was WONDERFUL and I danced all night because there was no seating so I wasnít blocking anyone. It was a magical night. I felt so happy and so free with Fred (yet loved and protected)

Speaking of protected, we were in Boston and going through the dark Common at night to get to our parking garage when it was over. Once safely in the car I told him that if someone attacked us I had a plan all thought out. I would blind the attacker with my little LED pocket flashlight and then kick him in the weapon hand and then the head. Well the very thought of me thinking I would blind someone with my eensy weesy 3-led flashlight got him from the start but me karating this bad guy down with kicks had him laughing hysterically until he said, ďDiane just give him the damn $20 you have in your walletĒ. I guess but it sounded good in my head.

The next weekend we went to see Shelly in Vermont. Sheís a childhood friend that seemed to get me into as much trouble as she got me out of. At 175 pounds I was the skinniest woman at the legion hall she took me to! The foliage was magnificent as was her hospitality. We had an awesome time!

Right now, today, I am going to make a Halloween costume for my middle grand daughter. I will tell you a secret. Making your own clothes DOES NOT save you a dime. This costume will cost 48 bucks but the cape is made from a material that has shiny cobwebs on it and iridescent red spiders on the webs. It will have a hood and is made out of a thick non wrinkling fabric that will look just as good ten years from now when she wants to go to a teen party as a vampiress. The cape I made myself years ago is 30 years old and has been a vampire a witch and a devil for me and my two girls many times. So itís worth it in a way but day-am! 48 bucks and a day of cutting (blisters) and sewing? Oh well she picked out the material and will remember the cape longer than Iíll feel the loss of money. Under it weíre making a black monk robe with a front panel of red that has black skulls on it. Sheís definitely the evil spirit she wanted to look like. We even got her a long black witch wig.

Meanwhile have I studied for my tests? Heck no! Do you see a moments time here? Me neither. This combined with me going on a diet (175 pounds is the most I ever weighed in my life without being 9 months pregnant) and giving up drinking during the week (dropped 600 calories a week night right there) has boomeranged my sleeping habits from 6 hours a night to more like 9 hours a night. Iím falling asleep at 7PM!

Today Iím going to add some exercise to my diet to see if I canít drum up some more energy but this takes more time from my day and I donít see how Iím going to get anything serious done.

PS Iíve gone on two more job interviews and being fat AND old I donít think is doing me any good because my credentials are sound except that I donít have all my tests completed yet.

PPSS Oh yeah and heís taking me to Connecticut Friday to see Phil Lesh at the Mohegan Sun. (Heís a left over Grateful dead guy that went independent after Jerry Garciaís death). You know Fred tears up when speaking of Jerry dying? It was the end of a way of life for him, one that sublimated for his not so great marriage.

PPSS I am still keeping (mostly) up with you guys but I can hardly find time to do that, nevermind comment. Pls forgive me and I hope winter finds me with more time on my hands.

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