I have to laugh and shake my head in disbelief. My daughter and I had been looking at furniture this spring. She re-did her whole living room with new sofas, chairs, entertainment center's, tables, paint etc earlier this year. We looked at Jordanís Furniture Store but declared it too expensive and went to Bobís instead, where I also purchased a new Captain's Bed and matching bureau. We looked at a sign as we left Jordanís Furniture and laughed to each other and declared, ďYeah, when pigs fly, thatís a safe bet, huh?Ē

I mean we waited 86 years the last time, right?

So here it is .. Donít you wish youíd had a touch more faith? I do!

New England retailer Jordanís Furniture is running a promotion tied to the unlikely chance of the Boston Red Sox winning the 2007 World Series. Customers who purchase a sofa, dining table, bed or other items by April 16 for delivery by the All-Star Game will get a full refund if the Sox go all the way. Sure, the Sox took the series in 2004, when the Yankees imploded in the playoffs, but we all know what a rare feat that was. So letís assume Jordanís wonít have to give away too many free sectionals.


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