Well, the cruise was wonderful, as was the company. In a surprise move I decided that I wanted to get scuba certified so I spent half a day in the ship’s saltwater pool learning the equipment and the other half a day in a classroom learning the lingo and theory. I made my very first dive at the Grand Caymans.

There I was forty feet below the surface surrounded by 4 stories of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs. The fish were varied and they were EVERYWHERE and I could see for 100’s of feet because the water was so clear. I was amazed and entranced. We saw so many things. One fish walked the bottom on it’s bottom fins. I saw neon fish of bright yellow, purple and blue. I saw fish with fake eyes on their tails. I saw shrimp and eels.

I can’t explain properly what it’s like to dive in the Caribbean. I tried to explain to Fred by saying, “You know those big multistory aquariums just packed with facinating fish and then you spot the scuba diver in the tank feeding the fish. Did you ever want to be that guy?” But Fred being non-water motivated replied, “Hell no!” so that kind of stopped me. But if you like the water maybe you’ll understand.

I liked it so much that I asked Fred if he’d mind terribly if I got open water certified. With that certification I can fill my tanks and go diving independently instead of just being herded by resort dive masters. I also got two more dives at Cozumel and I was drooling for more. He even encouraged me to complete the certifications that were available. He said that he was going to see the Mayan ruins at Tulum anyways and I had already seen them before so he didn’t mind the missing time with him.

Cozumel Mexico was even better than the Caymans. I didn’t think it was possible but the water was even clearer and you had to really watch your depth because it was easy to go too far when it seems the surface is right there.

So I got SCUBA certified at 56 years old. I will not go easy into the long night. The funny thing is that fat floats. I am about 50 pounds overweight. In the saltwater they had to put 22 pounds of weights on me so I’d sink. Coming out of the water was awful I was over 100 pounds with all that weight and equipment on. The diet resumes NOW!

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