Iím glad I gave up drinking (except socially. Iím no absolutist) because for the past two days Iíve woken up with a minor irritation thatís not quite a headache that I would have called a hangover before. I think since itís the change of the seasons that somethingís going around. Fred slept in with a slight fever and sore throat that I am sure will escalate into a full fledged fever by late afternoon.

His car is back in the shop. Theyíre having a real problem diagnosing his engine check light. So far itís been one computer board and a lot of wire harnessing replacement and an air sensor. Now a different air sensor has registered. In any case Iím without my car while he goes to work and uses mine.

My oldest daughter is going to help me with the whole boredom and stuck at home without a car problem by taking me to see 30 Days of Night this afternoon, which Iím just DYING to see. I love vampires! The whole concept of vampires that can fight and not sleep for a whole month while humans try to fight them off is inspired. I just know that some local legend that no one believes except some old Eskimo Indian will presage it. Or at least thatís how Iíd do it. He can be the leader of the only survivors as heíll be the only one prepared (if I was writing it). Letís see how wrong I am (or close!)

Halloween was awesome. It was a simple walk around the block getting candy but the kids still get so excited about the candy and dressing up that it makes me happy to watch them. Plus they have an added advantage because their other grandparents live right behind the neighborhood they trick or treat at with a real graveyard between them that they have to go through to get there. Itís scary even for me! Some people, I swear, decorate the graves to make them scary, and even the eternal lights are spooky, nevermind the teenagers that lurk in the bushes thinking itís funny to make a 5 year old (or 50 year old) cry.

Remember the Cape and Tunic I made for the middle granddaughter? Well here they are but have you ever seen such a puss on someoneís face before? Sheís going through a stage where she hates having her picture taken lately. I hope it doesnít last long. Her auntie (my youngest daughter) is still like that!

And here is my baby with her youngest baby. I found that cheerleading costume for 5 bucks at the Christmas Tree shop! Lucky find! My oldest daughter found the operating clothes at work. She had a butcher knife to go with it (cardboard) that made it pretty convincing especially when she kept hacking her husband (wishful thinking, I guess!)

And finally my oldest, my grandson. Heís so funny! Here he is goofing around in my costume, a blow up clown that looks like itís walking on its hands while your face comes out of its butt. But he goofs around with it and I thought this was particularly hilarious, at least it had me laughing as he hopped around the floor in it.

Halloween was great!

PS I ate ALL the Kit Kats in a bag and so far I haven't lost an ounce but I didn't gain one either. I was a baaaaad giiiirrrrllll

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