I canít believe that itís been so long since I wrote here. Since the last time I wrote itís been my SonILís birthday, my daughterís Birthday and my middle granddaughterís Birthday (ten years old!).

I took the blonde highlights out of my hair and put in some very red ones, almost Goth-like ones. My youngest described them as purple. I just figure Iím matching nature and the fall leaves that are STILL HERE, some of them just turning to yellow in time for Thanksgiving.

Fred and I have had fun going to psychic fairs, one of which should have been attended by an old family friend who is an astrologer but apparently she didnít make it because when I got there she was crossed off the list. It was a fun faire but at 20 bucks a pop, per reading, it was monetarily restrictive. We had one couples reading that basically said, ďGet married and go forth and travelĒ and I couldnít agree more!

My oldest daughter is working Thanksgiving Day and her husband is taking the kids to his motherís so Fred and I are having Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter. Iím looking forward to it. For so many years I had to take care of her but lately Iím having a lot of faith that sheís going to do just fine on her own and so Iím going to enjoy her taking care of me with a fine meal and a good football game. Iím bringing dessert and a smile!

The 28th however is a big day. It starts out at the hand doctor. Weíre trying to get another month of therapy because apparently a finger injury can seriously hamper your grip and mineís twenty pounds off from right to left. After that I get the newly paroled ex out of jail and drive him to his first parole appointment and then home, finally, after almost three months. Over the past three months Iíve come to terms with his girlfriend. Sheís still no improvement over me, but hey, you love who you love and he/they no longer concern me any more than a friend youíve known for 30 odd years. I leave him to his fate to pull himself out of the hole heís in from being in jail and I run home to wish my Fred a Happy Birthday!

The psychic gave me some very good imagery though that was helpful to me concerning the Ex and letting go. I hate being vengeful or hateful and he said, ďPicture a gold thread attaching the two of you. Cut it and release him to his greater good.Ē I liked that because at this point I think I could do that. Before I believed that I was releasing him to crash, burn and die but I think heís got enough ďlife without meĒ under his belt to deal with it now. I can believe that he is going on to a more competent life than heís had to this point.

As far as Fredís birthday present, Heís wished for equipment to convert his old records to MP3 and CD for a while now. I bought him (unfortunately with his own money because Iím still out of work) an Audio Technica AT PL120 three speed direct drive turntable with outputs to a computer, add in some free software and VOILA! Old favorites in a new format. I hope he likes it!

On the personal front Iíve started a new exercise regimen. I start with 100 jump rope steps (just about kills me and it goes more like 5 .. 6 .. 7.. oh damn! 8 .. 9.. OOOPS! You get the idea) Then I move onto 10 minutes of hula hoping with my oversized hula hoop. (Equal in calories to an 8 minute mile) Iíve been making hoops for everyone trying to make converts but so far nada but Iím starting to learn TRICKS! And theyíre so much fun to do and groove to with the music. Then I pull 25 times in three different directions with a rubberized band for my upper arms (in, out & up) and finish up with some DDR with the WII on the workout choice and man that is so much FUN! You even have to use your arms with the controller and nun-chuck. Exercise has never been so enjoyable. I donít think Iíll ever change into weird clothes and drive 15 minutes to walk on a boring treadmill and sweat and lose my make up so I have to shower ever again. I even gave up my gym membership. I do this in the comfort of my own house and then jump in my own shower and I donít really care what I have on.

Iíve slowly come to some realizations:
1. Exercise doesnít have to suk and can even be fun

2. I am starting to age and I donít have to push and push to retain mobility, easy does it can do it.

3 There is nothing more important than health, family and friends.

4 The photographs I take and the crafts I do donít need anyoneís approval but my own and I think some of them are darned good. Iím starting to display them in my home.

Well itís time to clean the fish Fred and I caught on the Moose fishing trip and deep fry it (no yelling at me!) MMMM! If I donít get to say it later I hope you all have the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!!!


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