I think Iíve mentioned that Iíve been skipping rope and doing hula hooping for exercise. I definitely see a difference in my core area and I think if you hoop enough you might be able to stop doing Kegel exercises, or at least Fred mentioned that things seem different, if ya know what I mean. Calls of, ďHoop me baby! Hoop me!Ē can be heard from the bedroom .. lol! In any case itís nice to know that after 25 years with one man you can find something new to do with a new man.

Anywhooo .. Since I bought 100 feet of irrigation tubing to make my adult sized hula hoops I had an eensy teensy bit of extra tubing. I made 8 hoops of which I want to keep three. One is HUGE for fun and to get Fred going as the larger they are the easier they seem to be to keep up and hooping. One is upper chest high and I learn knew tricks with it because of its slowness and weight and one is lower chest height for jazzing with and learning to manipulate and dance with it.

That leaves 5 hoops about 4 feet in diameter laying about my house with no real use other than I liked how I decorated them and how pretty they came out. They were a great experiment in what not to do as far as taping and painting irrigation tubing but that part is over and I still have the hoops, so one went to each daughter. They both love them and the short one was amazed that she could hoop for the first time in her life. The tall skinny one loved it because itís slinky slow motion hooping action makes her look like a stripper rock star when done in time to music.

What to do with the other three? My hand therapist has a habit of lining up people so their appointments are at the same time all the time and so you get to know the people. Sheís a chatty type too and makes the whole session feel like a party amongst friends. I wonít miss the bi-weekly co-pay of twenty bucks each appointment but I will miss her and my new friends. Iím presenting the two women Iíve been yammering with over hand injuries and therapy each a handmade hula hoop. Iíve explained the benefits (hooping for 10 minutes equals the caloric equivalent of running an 8 minute mile) and the fun of it and they want to give it a whirl. So Today Fred left me his Jeep so I can fit the ding dang things in the car and I will present the two women and the office assistant each with a hoop.

I know, youíre thinking, ďBut what about the therapist? Are you going to leave her out and give her nothing?Ē

Well, I thought about that. You see she was hit by a car and run over as a teenager and has been in a chair ever since. My homemade hoops are too big and heavy for hooping around an arm, which she could manage. So I went to Bennyís and bought what must have been the last light weight Wham-O childís hula hoop existent in the northeast. Did you know hula hoops are considered seasonal? Anyways when we all take our hoops for a spin today, so can she.

I only have two more appointments and then itís over. I have about 90% functionality in that finger and at this point it is what it is and new operations will probably only make worse scar tissue. I think it will make a nice good bye and get rid of these hoops for my next experiment with tubing. Iím going to try 1Ē 100 PSI next time which isnít quite as stiff and may mold a little as you spin it. I think it may feel more comfortable for adult spinners who arenít trying to do much more than spin for fun and exercise.

Fred likes my hoops enough that he thinks if I make enough of them I can sell them on the 4th of July at the beaches. My granddaughter is swooning over them and wants to go into business with me. She loves the big hoops and theyíre wider than she is tall. She looks so funny twirling them. She looks likes sheís a discus about to take off!

PS. Note to self.
Donít throw hoops in bushes while switching hoop sizes. That way youíll avoid Poison Ivy in Friggen December!!!

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Hula Hooping