What a what-ah dragon as we say in Boston. Yup, itís a new background picture but not quite a new template although the entry box took a little tweaking and if you have moved from DíLand and donít find yourself in my DíLand reads list donít panic. That list is generated by DíLand using the shortcut ďbuddylistĒ and wasnít manually inputted by me.

Iíll update the outside DíLand reads when Iím back from Florida but these were enough changes for now. Please donít think Iím dropping you. I just donít want people to click on about half of my buddy list and find a dead end. Despite my code jockey image Iím no html wiz and I have to figure it out and add to the table which will make the navigation tables to the left enormously long but very clickable.

Well Iím off to Florida today (hopefully youíre reading this on Saturday) and Iíll be on Jet Blue by 1PM. We cancelled our original car rental and made a new one for 40 bucks less. This is not a busy X-Mas season week despite itís temporal closeness and I usually find a bargain or two. I think we can get bargains on Universal Studios too by buying online through Southwest airlineís website.

Although I love me some vacation in the warm and sunny state of Florida the big news is that I finally have a job. I interviewed for a network engineer and was hired as a software developer. Go Figure. Iím making about 10 to 12 grand less a year than I could have made in Boston but Iím commuting less than 20 miles to work, not 50, and I go nowhere near the Boston expressway and Iím 5 miles before the RT. 3 slowdown and 10 miles from the grueling stop & go before you even reach the cursed X-way.

If you donít know this commute just take my word for it, itís worth ten grand to skip, especially when you break it down to 20 bucks a week. Hell Iíd PAY DOUBLE that to miss it. For that matter I would be paying double if I actually did commute to Boston in either gas, train or both. Iíve been blessed, and I know it, by avoiding it.

And hereís the really special thing. My unemployment checks ran out last August. Fred has taken care of everything since then and I mean everything. You donít think I came with tuition loans for my daughter and my own charge cards? How about car payments and insurance, nevermind house payments, minor as it is (127 bucks), and house insurance and letís not forget utilities and food. Oh yeah, and remember that I had a broken finger that had to be re-broken and go through THREE months of physical therapy with 20 dollar co-pays twice a week?

Not once did he push me to work or make me feel bad because I wasnít pushing. Fred always asked me if I had enough money. He never asked me what I did all day, even when he came home finding me making hula hoops. He never belittled me or made me feel anything but cared for and taken care of and believe me I was not pushing for a job, I was enjoying this time off.

All this and yet I happen to know that he had a few financially close weeks because when you think about it heís taking care of an Ex wife, his house in CT and me, in all my glory. Thatís a tall order for any man and he didnít once fall apart or resent me. If ever there was a test of love and care this was unintentionally it, and Fred passed with flying colors.

I love this man and Iím pretty sure after all this that he wubs me!

I wish to hell that I knew years ago that someone like this could be waiting for me, that it could be this easy and this good.

Speaking of the Ex .. haha .. Heís out of jail and doing Ok, I guess. I brought him to parole and probation after I picked him up from jail and thatís the last I heard from him. He broke my heart. I remember being in so much pain that I wanted to just die and now for the life of me I donít know why. Iím just grateful that its over and that the end ended up with Fred!

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