I tell you Florida has the greatest sunrises. Look at this:

Today we went to the Brevard County Zoo. It was small but pretty cool. I liked the birds best.

A black swan. I never saw a black swan before.

And they had a great Aviary. You had to check that there were no birds left clinging to you before you left it.

But they had lots of other animals including a nursing spotted jaguar with two kits and then we left there and had time to get to the Brevard Planetarium. This was a great day because we got to do two things in one day without hurrying and that made up for one of Fredís sick days without stressing us out. Tomorrow we have rain but we also have nothing scheduled until 6PM where I meet a local artist that I just may spend some money on and then go to a comedy club that also serves the best steak dinners in Cocoa Beach .. YUM!

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The Zoo