Iím sitting here in my timeshare hiding from the rain and watching Blazing Saddles. Fred had never seen it and now we own that classic comedy for 5 bucks out of the bargain bin at FYEís. I want to learn the lyrics to ďIím tiredĒ. I think it would be a hoot at a talent show.

On a sad note they just discovered a childís skeletal remains a quarter mile from missing 3 year old Cayleeís grandparentís house in Orlando County. The medical examiner is trying to determine if itís her but the chances look pretty good. I mean, who else is missing? Itís very big news down here and they interrupted regular programming.

Iíve been looking at timeshare and house prices down here and you can buy a house for 75K down here although the norm for cheap is more like $125K. Iíve been working on Fred to buy but so far itís a no-go. He thinks heíd be bored down here and that makes me laugh out loud. Bored in Orlando would take a special kind of person, I think. I explained that he thinks that because when weíre down here he lets me take the lead and plan everything while on our road trips heís got out his map point program and plans everything down to the second and mile. I complain that heís not interested because heís puts no effort into looking around the Cocoa beachís environs. I think he doesnít want to get attached to the place.

Anyways hereís the living room and view to my timeshare

And hereís how the local planetarium decorates for Christmas

Iím trying to convince my granddaughter that I took it for real outside without too much success but I havenít cracked yet and Iím stickiní to my story.

Hereís Fred and me at a local Moose checkiní it out. Itís grainy because it was dark as hell in there and because I took it as a reflection in a mirror.

We try to visit the local Mooseís when we travel to get ideas for fund raisers and fun stuff to do as a lodge back home.

Hereís a second shot of a sunrise. Itís from this morning and the sun never actually shone through as today has been clouds and rain but it tried really hard and I love how even the water got beautifully tinted.

and this morning we were also under a tornado watch and so of course some 18 year old wants to play in the waves and the wind. (Iíd do it too if I was stronger and skinnier)

and thatís just an example of what you see while porch sitting on the fifth floor on the waterfront of Cocoa Beach and occasionally I even get one of these to keep me company.

You gotta love a pelican flyby.

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Rain Day