I’ve just been informed that cake eye liner is no longer available at Clinique. I’ve been using cake eye liner since I was 13 years old. That makes me a cake eyeliner user for 42 years!

In the beginning it was available everywhere. Maybeline sold it for a buck ninety nine with eyeshadow and lipstick and then they stopped in favor of liquid and pencil but I found Clinique which assured me that they would ALWAYS keep it as a staple of their line.

I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and me not wanting to ask for gold coming out of my butt or anything that my kids couldn’t afford said, “Cake eyeliner” I just talked to my youngest and she told me, “Mom, You’re going to be crushed but I went to Clinique and they discontinued cake eyeliner a year ago”

I panicked

This has been a staple of my life for FORTY TWO YEARS. Liquid doesn’t allow you to adjust the consistency. Pencil makes you drag a bad piece of color across your already wrinkled lid and neither gives you the control I’m used to and now I have no commercially easy options.

I’m seriously panicked.

If I find someplace that has cake eye liner for sale I’m buying a butt load and saving it. This is a serious make up tool. I can’t believe that it isn’t available anymore or understand why it wouldn’t be produced anymore. It gives you more control and doesn’t require stretching your skin to apply


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