Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. The vacation is all over. Last night we went to a comedy club and today we visited Gator Land. Boy has it changed over the years! It was like visiting a brand new place with Fred. I like that though. I like doing different things with Fred instead of re-running my old vacations with the Ex. Everything is new again it seems.

Anyhow we picked the right week to go to Florida. I was running around in 80 degree weather and back home (Massachusetts) got a half a foot of snow. It seems like weíre going home on a day thatís between snow storms too.

I talked to my oldest daughter too and itís a good thing Iím down here and couldnít help her. She was stuck home with her 3 kids and 2 of her friendís children (her friend went on her honeymoon and my daughter was sitting for her) and they all one by one got puking sick, not even making it to the toilet half the time. Puke here, puke there, puke everywhere and sheís just waiting to get sick herself so they can all be porked with her down. I would have been helping and probably sick myself by now. I wish I could have helped her but I admit to a small part of me thatís relieved that I couldnít because I was in Florida instead of picking up sick kids that were dismissed early for snow so she got no time off at all!

Thanks for all the suggestions on my cake eyeliner problems. I feel better just knowing there are still options available to me. Why do make up companies do this stuff? I mean I can see new colors but to completely eliminate a whole product seems crazy.

Well up at 5:30 AM tomorrow and back to the real world by noon. It will be good to see my dog though and to water my plants and to stop bleeding money. The thing is that Fred likes it down here so much that I think heís going to buy a week at this time share so weíll have two weeks each year! WooHoo!

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End of Vacation