I never seem to have enough time to post anymore but itís because of good reasons. My life is full to the brim right now.

The wine & cheese shop is on hold until the 25th when I will finally meet with the village steering committee.

I am now the proud owner of a 2009 Honda Rebel 250CC motorcycle. I tell ya I never made a better decision than to let the heavier bikes go. I canít tell you the difference in confidence I have handling 300 pounds versus 1300 pounds. Itís like night and day! Fred and I are looking for a little 8 x 8 shed to store it in along with our pedal bikes and a lawn mower and hope to have one up by the winter. Right now itís breaking my heart everytime it rains on that motorcycle .. my babee!

We went fishing with the Moose Club and by a stupendous mistake in getting the word out the whole boat was rented for just 14 people. People this boat was meant to hold at least a hundred fishermen. We had the whole place to ourselves and there was no excuse for getting tangled with another person! I caught a cod and a conga eel. I hear the eel makes a great chowder. Weíll see.

The weather, except for today (89), is turining cooler so I am:
1.) Cooking, especially the slow cooker. I covered 6 pork chops in cut up apples and slow cooked them and holy moly was that good. I used the extra apples fpr a pie and that was good too. But it got me wondering .. Pork is a kind of bland meat that can pick up a variety of flavors so Iím going to try to slow cook a pork loin in pineaple chunks and see what happens. If it worked for the apples then maybe it will work with citrus too. Plus I am going crazy making tomato sauce with my fresh tomatoes from my garden and fresh basil from my friendís garden.

2.) Exercising, especially walking, I havenít had an alcoholic drink since September 3rd and Iíve lost five real pounds, not just water weight. Iím aiming for 2 pounds a week but done in a healthy way this time instead of starving myself. Breakfast is 8 fresh strawberries hulled and cut into thirds with one package of Splenda and vanilla flavored Soy milk. Lunch is something like Tuna and Dinner is whatever my imagination made up but in a reasonable quantity.

3.) Doing projects that need cool dry weather like painting and stripping furniture. I finally found the bedside table I needed to finsh the downstairs bedroom but it has a heavy finish on it that hides the wood grain, which is what I like. Iíll be working on that after this weekend

Because this weekend Ö.

Iím going to a wedding in Hero VT and visiting my girlfriend who lives nearby while Iím there too. Fred and I are going the slow way and seeing things like wineryís and breweryís and Ben & Jerryís and stopping off to see Burlington instead of just passing through, like usual. I have a new outfit and the whole thing is going to be such fun beacause the bride is my daughterís friend that Iíve known forever and everyone I know will be there! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Not all is happy, like I am probably losing a molar to periodontal disease, an older man I used to work with and who was very kind to me while I was going through my breast cancer treatments is losing his own battle with hodgkins lymphoma and some of Joeís (who recently died in a motorcycle accident) friends are finishing his house off for the parents, but are also taking libertyís with the place by turning it into a party house while they ďworkĒ .. that has me pissed off and if it doesnít change .. very soon .. I will do something about it. Itís one thing to be nice but a whole Ďnother to give with one hand and take away with another. Also a friend and neighbor of mine was left by her significant other while she was ill and he left her with no food, no money, no job and no car and three months in arrears with the mortgage. She's losing her house and being forced to move in with a man she had no intention of being romantically involved with but must now, to survive. I miss her already even though it's only been two days.

But on the whole my personal life is just swimming along and my biggest decision is what tours to take on my cruise that is coming up October 4th Ö YAAY!

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