Well, I made my tomato nest with egg again (see yesterday) with a whole egg and pierced the yolk every 15 seconds for 1 minute and 15 seconds for a totally hard white and yolk.

Verdict: Quick and easy but the egg still had a tendency to want to puff up out of the nooks and crannies of the tomato and so I also had to let it settle a bit during those 15 second intervals, but all in all very satisfying and quick and probably will be the default way I prepare it for myself. The soufflť effect from scrambling the egg is greatly reduced (as described yesterday)

This morning I tried it in the toaster oven and just put it in cold and set it to 350 degrees and 20 minutes. I took my shower and the whites were still liquid so I set it to 400 for another 20 minutes.

Verdict: I could have gotten away with a little less time but the cheese gets very toasty and crusty which I loved. The egg itself filled all the nooks and crannies and fit itself to the tomato shell. The egg itself expanded but only a little and wasnít a factor if you didnít top off with the cream to the tippy top. This way, or in the oven, will be how I will serve this to guests (or Fred on Sundays)

Meanwhile Iíve gone to a Xmas concert for my 11 year old, 6th grade grandson and he was HILARIOUS! He has no concept that people are watching him when they arenít directly interacting with him, so the ďfacelessĒ audience is treated to him making faces, fidgeting and playing air drums to somebody elseís drum solo (he didnít miss a beat and I took a movie of the whole thing in between laughing and jiggling the camera)

The next day I went to a Xmas concert for my nephew and heís a senior in High School who plays the Bass, a kind of horn thing, in the advanced band. What a difference from the elementary band of the day before. It really was like going to a Symphony and he attends Brockton High which is HUGE and they only pick the best of the best from a wide range of kids so the instrumentalists and the choir were outstanding. I even let out an involuntary WOW! in response to this girlís vocal solo.

It was a bitter sweet experience though. This was his last Christmas Concert. He graduates in June. Iíve been taking him for weekend overnights since he was about 7 or 8 and I am so proud of him that I could bust for the wonderful, smart, handsome man heís becoming but I literally cry for how much I will miss the little boy he was.

His sister will break my heart two years from now. I may as well slit my throat after her last dance recital. Thank God I have the grandkids. What do people do without children in their lives? I just never understood people who had no desire to shape and create life to the best of its ability and to yours, to watch a magnificent being grow into existence. How is anything else worthy of that kind of love and devotion? I can sort of understand the people that put that kind of effort into their pets because thatís a kind of sublimation, kind of like playing with dolls instead of the real thing but it works for them but I see so many people who are glad when their children move out or choose to never have them and I am left utterly mystified. I am simply not built that way internally. As far as Iím concerned when I canít help a child my usefulness as a human being ends. If I run out of family Iíll be looking into volunteer work (and other peopleís children!). My Mother once said that I should have been one of those women that had a big family and I agree except my body gave out after the two I have and my Ex was never the type to bring the other half of the effort, love, sacrifice and devotion that kind of family demands.

Whoa! Did I just get onto a tangent! LOL! Well, thereís another Xmas concert tonight for my middle granddaughter. I feel like Iím in some kind of crazy race to see who can go to the most concerts in one week!

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