Iíve gone on a few job interviews and so far no deal. One person called back for a software developer when Iím trying to be a Network Engineer. Iíll take it if he offers. I need my own money and some structure to my day, although I havenít been lax. Iíve been sitting for my grandchildren and my daughter already asked me if Iíd be available next summer. She has a shot at a much better job if I could help, but I had to tell her that I might not be. I advised her to take this union job anyways because you never know what might play out and things have a way of working out and this job probably wonít come up again for a looong time. Who knows? Maybe I will be available.

Iím also teaching my oldest granddaughter how to knit. I swear if you teach them how to crotchet first they never have the patience for knitting later so Iím at least doing a scarf with her. It will teach her tensioning of the yarn no matter what, which is useful in both skills anyways. Sheís making every mistake I made at her age and it has proven to me how patient my fatherís mother was when she taught me. Iíve picked up countless dropped stitches and ripped out row after row and quickly re-knit them for her and kept my mouth shut remembering not only my own mistakes but the complete non-judgmental and entirely accepting patience of my Nana. What a saint she was. I was NEVER made to feel like less because I ďbotheredĒ her with another dropped stitch and so I enjoyed my knitting and the organic feel of the warm yarn and before you knew it I had an even tension with a matching even stitch and dropped stitches became a thing of the past.

Itís so funny because I remember trying to figure out what the stitches where doing and looking so hard at how they interconnected and what a knit did as compared to a pearl and I see her looking and trying to figure the same thing out. My Nana didnít try to ďhelpĒ me and I was proud that I figured it out by myself so Iím letting her self discover too so that she makes this skill her own just as I did. Itís just so funny to see yourself in a child doing what you did and at the same time loving her so much. Itís almost like loving and accepting your own inner child. Maybe thatís why grandparenting is so enjoyable, itís like loving the child you once were too. I definitely see myself in her busy little brain and her absorbed little fingers.

As for Fred and I, we are taking off for Florida and my timeshare this Saturday. Good bye cold snap! Itís in Cocoa Beach and this visit weíll be visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure (theyíre two different parks). I think Iíve got my non-swimming Fred talked into a kayak trip through a mangrove swamp, itís the same trip that made me run out and buy one. I was simply amazed! And Fred? Fred wants an airboat ride. I donít think thereís a man alive that doesnít want one of those for some reason., but to tell the truth I love them too!

To my Sis, M.: I would visit but I know that this is your busy season and you have no time. Iím hoping to come down another time when you arenít so flat out.

Love Ya,

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