2007-05-31 7:07 a.m.

Iíve been in class this week and find it difficult to type an entry because the clack, clack, clack of the keys is so noticeable in the silence of the lecture. Itís easier to catch up with you all and just read than to make an entry. So here it is just before 7AM as I am about to leave the house for another day of classes that I sit and type.

Everything here is good, idyllic even. Fred worked from home yesterday and made me dinner on my barbeque. In tin foil he made a layer of potatoes, a layer of zucchini and a topping of sausage and some onions and garlic as the vegetables. It was flippiní delicious! Each evening as he or I or both come from home from work we get the puppy and go to the beach for a walk along the shore, then we go home and eat supper. After some chores we slip up to the Moose for a drink and some company and then we go home and watch some TV before going to bed. Everything is so peaceful and affectionate. I wish I had a man like this forever but in truth if I hadnít had the Ex I would never have appreciated Fred like I do now.

Speaking of the Ex itís been 6 months and he still hasnít checked out the thing they found on his lung. He has a warrant out for his arrest because he hasnít been paying the probation fines of 21 dollars a month. If he gets caught I think he has a pretty good chance of not only going to jail but of losing my bail money that Iím supposed to get back. Stupid ass. How do people live like that? I donít know how I did it and I was just living with him, not him himself.

This weekend Fred and I are going to some jam band thing out by Woodstock for the weekend. Thereís a 40% chance of thunderstorms the whole weekend. Itís a good thing he thought of me (like always) and bought VIP tickets under a canopy in case it rains. Fred makes me go awwww.

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