I’m taking a break from politics before I come back and get down to the facts and positions, now that I’ve cleared the emotional baggage. I’ll be back to examine the politicians with a more logical eye soon but for right now things are afoot.

This past weekend Fred and I became initiates of first degree Reiki. This is a form of laying on of the hands as Christians may know it but it’s been around forever in many forms. Mostly it is directing healing energies that you envision as part of the universe or a godhead or whatever higher power works for you and you become a conduit for it with good intent towards the patient’s best and highest good.

It is absolutely non religious and non-denominational within any religion and relies heavily upon the idea of intent. I had Reiki done to me while I had chemotherapy and although I can’t prove that it helped I have the words of the chemotherapy nurses themselves (who are all Reiki Masters) who declared that I had one of the easiest transitions through chemo they’d seen. Considering what happened to me I pity those that went through it without it.

I was happy that Fred elected to go through a class. He is such a logical, “Just the facts Ma'am” kind of guy that he needs some magic in his life. Plus, now I had someone to do it to me although the first degree is all about “physician heal thyself” and laying your hands on your own body. We were walked through doing it to each other but most of “other” healing and sending of energy is Reiki two.

Our teacher has a clinic where her students can come and practice on the aches and pains of volunteers who come for healings and each other and I’m going so I can see how it is with a stranger and not someone I’m so familiar with, like Fred, to see if I pick up on another’s illness or pains instead of knowing it because I know Fred.

Ok … here’s the deal. It may be all in my own head or it may not be. I am a beginner and it could all be horse poo after all but the mind is a strange and wonderful thing and the mind body connection can perform miracles. I am also not my Mother who is brimming with psychic awareness. Mostly her awareness opened up the idea of possibilities in me but I don’t have her intuitions.

But with all this said my Reiki sessions way back when with my chemo had some very strange results. I felt energy ZINGING around inside me and other unexplainable feelings that couldn’t be explained by a warm hand cupping my feet or laying placidly somewhere on my torso. Likewise as I lay on my hands on Fred I began to get flashes of the color of the chakra I was laying my hands over and then I got this weird unexplainable feeling of otherness. It was like I was tasting Fred. It happened over his solar plexus and again over his head, probably his third eye, it was dark blue. It was definitely a flavor more than a feeling even though it was a feeling. It’s very hard to explain, maybe as I become more adept it will be more clear.

But it occurred to me for the very first time in my life that a form of psychic rape might be possible if you went to someone who could do this and they were unscrupulous. I couldn’t do anything with this energy but I bet an adept could possibly manipulate or impose a feeling that may or may not be in this person’s highest good if they wanted to because I definitely felt something that I hadn’t before, but then again I never tried before. All I know is that if this is real and some people can actually see and feel the energy then they could be capable of doing things I never thought possible before, for good or bad, even if by accident. I, for one, am going to be much more careful about “energy workers” than I was in the past and much more aware of how I feel as I receive or provide the healing.

I guess I got a little magic surprise too!

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