I donít think Iíve been plain enough. Here it is in a nutshell without trying to make a better person out of anyoneís kid.

Fred owns a house
I own a house

Right now we live in my little cottage and Fredís son lives in Fredís house.

Fred and I would like to get married. I would like to have OUR house when that happens where we both feel that we have equal rights to the property because right now I rule the roost because itís MINE and Iím well aware of that, maybe unfair feeling, considering the help Fred gives me towards my house.

The thing is that we donít have enough of a profit selling just my little cottage for a nice home of our own, just enough for another small cottage. I would like him to have a radio room without taking over my/our bedroom that I worked so hard to get all that sh*t out of in the first place without him filling it with more sh*t.

He hates my bikes in the living room but theyíll rust in the cellar and it goes on and on. We need OUR house but we need BOTH our houseís profits to do it.

Guess who lives rent free in Fredís house with no intent of leaving? I doubt if he could survive on his own and thatís why I relented and thought of an in-law apartment for his kid because I donít know if its better to accept what is or try to change it. Iím trying to work within what weíd both feel comfortable with but I donít like feeling like Iím the only one adjusting here.

See, itís as selfish as that, not some noble idea to liberate his son although I think heíd enjoy a better life if he took an independent step once in awhile and set his dad free from keeping him alive as if he were still a small boy.


Some are wondering what becomes of the son when Fred is gone. There is a family trust that will care for him.

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