Never mind this being Super Bowl week, itís LOST WEEK!!! YAAAAY!!!! Lost premiers this Thursday and Iíve been playing Season 3 to get in sync. Iím going to hit this series running. I canít wait! Iím so excited! Last night I got to the part where Hurley gets the VW bus running (which figures in later with a much more important part). It took me about 6 hours of watching the season DVD that my youngest daughter bought me for Christmas, (Thank You Sweety!) and I have at least another 6 commercial free hours to go. But then I am THERE! I am in SYNC and Iím prepared to ride the wildest, most innovative and inventive series EVER. Thank gawd they did this before the writerís strike. And just as an aside .. if youíre waiting for Walt to come back donít hold your breath. He left three seasons ago and by now heís no longer a little kid, heís a gangly teenager by now and not the sympathetic child we knew. If he comes back at all he might even be an enemy with psychic powers!

Thank you for all your advice on a sticky subject. Iím taking it all in and I am biding my time until I figure out how to do this. Counseling may figure into it as a 3rd party might not set me up as the heavy. I really donít want to be the moralizer in this situation, even if Iím right.

As far as this weekend went we had snow up the ying yang. It was so beautiful and picturesque. I loved it. Being right on the water we had a lot of wind driven snow and lots of drifts. I snuggled up with an afghan and my Lost DVDís and had an orgy of comfort and cuddling with my puppy and Fred. Truthfully I donít think Fred was thrilled with Lost but he hung in there and watched with me despite my offer to watch it in my bedroom.

I went outside twice to cross the street to get to the country store across the road and each time I didnít want to go back inside. It was beautiful and the snow danced and whipped around in the glow from the street lights. I smiled inside and despite the cold I was warm. Itís nights like this that make being a New Englander worth it.

This morning however suckethed as Fred and I dug out our cars standing in knee high drifts while scraping ice off our windshields. At least he was out there helping me, unlike a previous boyfriend who thought I was trying to give him a heart attack by asking for help. But ya know what? Even shoveling can be fun and gives you a good reason to be late for work.

I got paid last Friday and I hired a guy to put up the blue board for us as well as plaster with the money. Fred started pulling down the lowered ceiling and prepared strapping for our installer. Next we pull down the paneling. I am going to be so happy to see that go. I hated it as I put it up 25 years ago as my most economical choice.

Free at last! Free at last!

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Snow Daze