Between Idol and Lost Iím all a flutter! Itís a TV orgy this week!

Work is another thing all together. My boss has given me some original programming to do. Iím certain itís busy work intended to involve me in Delphi Programming. I donít mind that much but I think itís a bit early and he should have stuck with repairs for awhile. The thing is that I think he ran out of repairs and tweaks and instead of allowing me to come on board at my own speed for the help desk heís pushing because I think that he thinks that Iím not busy.

I am .. busy that is. I had the same problem with my old job. They tell me to do something and I do it. Half the time they donít know what I do anyhow so it looks like I pulled it out of my arse in my spare time because suddenly it just appears. Also I have a habit that doesnít serve me well of mindlessly surfing the net while I think about how Iím going to organize or create something. I know it looks bad but since I gave up smoking I canít go outside and let my mind wander over possibilities while I smoke a cigarette so I link click my way to inspiration now and that makes me look very nonproductive even though it gives me the space to let my thoughts fall where they may that the cigarette break used to do.

I need something ďelseĒ to do that has nothing to do with my job to let my thoughts for the job settle. When it gets warmer maybe Iíll try walking but for now the net is it. Thatís the other thing .. they see internet explorer open and automatically assume youíre goofing off when yesterday I had a Delphi programming tutorial open .. itís not all useless surfing even if I did a few Lost spoiler searches in between. How long can one human being be expected to concentrate on dry manuals/tutorials without a break?

I guess Iím feeling guilty but really I watch these guys sit and visit each other all day and no one thinks they arenít working. Iím quieter and more private, thatís all. Hell, they made this one guy a manager who does nothing but carry around a clipboard and gossip all day. I just want to have my quiet life where they ask me to do something, I do it and donít have to play any busy work games to make it look like it was some kind of effort


BTW have any of you used Cr3st Wh1te str1ps? Iím on my second day and Iím not seeing much of a difference and the box said, ďWhiter teeth in 3 daysĒ

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