My granddaughter got her first email account. I set her up on yah00. So I wrote her a quick hello and she replied:
i got your e-mail back. iloveyou.write back!
love B

So cute, and yet so little content to work with for a return email. Yet, get her in person and sheís a never ending fountain of ideas and babble! I think itís not being able to type well yet and sheíll improve with time.

I asked her if the lyrics to Tattoo by last years American Idol Jordin Sparks were:

Youíre on my head
Just like a Hair Do

(supposed to be Youíre on my heart just like a tattoo)

Of course she thinks Iím sooo outdated and will scream NO GRANDMA!!!

And Iíll follow that up with, ďWell what about that country western rapĒ and when she asks me what CW rap Iíll tell her the song lyrics to Low are:

She got Apple Bottom Jeans,
Boots with the Spurs

(supposed to be ďboots with the furĒ)

That oughta put her over the edge for a ten year old .. haha!

Update: Crest Wh1te Str1ps work. My teeth are noticeably whiter, itís just a shame they cost about 35 bucks. At least when I gad them done professionally it was 100ís of dollars years ago so I can feel like itís a bargain.

In the losing my mind department: Tonight is LOST!!! YAAAAY!!!!!

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