Super Tuesday! I really want to put a woman in the White House but I also really disagree with her position for withdrawal from Iraq. She actually said that if she gets in the White House she will put the Iraqis on notice to get their act together because weíre leaving.

I was shocked. We invade a country, murder their leader, disrupt their economy, get involved in their religious wars but now we take no responsibility for cleaning up OUR mess?

Iím also one of those people with a long memory and I remember Saddam stalling and not allowing UN inspections even under military threat for years. I remember him trying to play the French against the English against America and for what? Because he had NOTHING to hide? I doubt it. He risked his people and his position to keep whatever research he had going, going on. I think we either destroyed what he had when Clinton ordered precision strikes against anything that would support WMD research and development or that since WMD are very portable that they have been moved or hidden. But I donít think Saddam risked everything and stonewalled over nothing.

So, since Hilary must know a little about this, since her husband was involved, Iím very surprised at her lack of responsibility for the Iraqi people that we ďliberatedĒ and will leave in a complete power vacuum in a terribly unbalanced region of the world.

Know what else pisses me off? I betcha many people will vote McCain (not that heís a terrible choice) or Romney just because they donít want to put either a woman or a black in the White House, and face it , thatís the choice on the Democratic side. As long as those sexist bigots have McCain as a choice theyíre leaving the Democratic party and voting Republican because almost everyone is an Independent nowadays and McCain is one of the most liberal Republicans Iíve ever seen, just right for a Democratic leaning Independent that doesnít want one of *them* in the White House, and believe me they still exist. The 60ís werenít that long ago.

And I still havenít heard anything but fluff from Obama. Him and his ďWe can do it together crapĒ .. DO WHAT???

I do this so many years, so many elections. At first, Iím sure what I want to do (elect the first woman just so the barrier is broken and paves the way for future women) and then I find something that I totally disagree with, not only that but itís the one damn issue I re-elected Bush over, despite my dislike for him in almost every other way.

Do I abandon that issue now along with the Iraqi people? Is enough, enough? And what about our people? Usually a war is good for our economy. What happened that we didnít reap that benefit, awful that it may be, from this one? And how do I balance that against health care issues that I agree with Hillary about?

Same old mess .. I wonít know whom Iím voting for until I pull the curtain to the voting booth closed.

Heh .. I told Fred I was going to go vote with him so I could be sure he voted for the ďrightĒ person. That didnít get me far! LOL!

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Super Tuesday!