Well Hillary took it but not by the majority she thought she would. As a matter of fact Obama took more states but she has more electoral votes because she got the high population centers like California. What I think is amusing is that even though Obama got the Kennedy stamp of approval, plus a few other pols in Mass, he didnít pull it out of the hat here.

I wonder how he did where Oprah went to bat for him? For that matter I wonder how he swept middle America. What does our heartland see in him that I donít? I watched some college kids explaining that Obama is a fresh start beholding to no one. That might be (I doubt anyone gets this high in politics without being beholding to someone) but what I donít like is that heís not beholding to the voting populace either. Heís promised nothing and has a minimalist agenda where he speaks positive rhetoric but promises nothing. What do they see? If someone can explain it to me Iíd be grateful because I donít get it.

The same thing with Romney and heís one of my own, since heís from Massachusetts. He didnít do much for us except stay out of our way. I donít think heís corrupt but he certainly doesnít exude the leadership qualities and ability to sacrifice while maintaining honor that McCain does, despite my being mad at McCain for quitting as early as South Carolina last time. Now heís declaring himself as the Republican partyís candidate, which may be but what a surprise Huckabee was huh?

The bible belt showed up as a solid block to vote for Huckabee and I have to admit heís a heck of a speaker. The thing I love is that the political pundits said that Romney asked Huckabee to quit and stop splitting the vote. Well, he did pretty good and Romney did not so good, so whoís splitting the vote now?

I love and hate our political process and for the same reason, I have to choose. My vote counts along with everyone elseís and then I find out how in or out of touch I am with the rest of America. But if I donít vote I have no one to blame but myself and if I do vote itís the same thing. I, along with the masses, did it. One of these people will be our next President.

A fallible process run by fallible people picks a fallible leader where even your LACK of voting helped determine the outcome, nevermind your active choice.

I voted for Hillary. They say a bunch of us old broads with long memories might just put her in the White House because I remember being laughed at when I said that I wanted to be President of the United States when I grow up and a man saying, ďThat will never happen in my lifetime.Ē And you know who that was? Well, it wasnít a strangerÖ. Love him as much as I do .. it was my Dad .. and back then it really looked that way.
Hell, until Hillary it still looked that way!

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