Have you seen this? My brother sent it to me knowing that I love the TV series LOST. Click on the following link (opens in a new window)

Sawyer's Nickname Generator

My Nickname is Quick Draw. I love it!

He also sent me a small UTUBE clip of Sawyer calling everyone just about every nick name he's used in the first three seasons. There's a lot! It's way longer than I thought it would be. You can see it By Clicking Right Here. I think it's hysterical but then again I have a mad crush on Sawyer.

Re: My new Diamond earrings. They are 3/4 total weight in carats, which is way larger than I was expecting and set in Platinum. They look just like -->THIS<-- (will open in a new window) except I don't have a screw back. Personally, I prefer gold, but I sure as hell ain't complaining! They're gorgeous and I had to drop hints the weight of a mountain to make sure I got them .. hehe.

Fred took down some more interior walls yesterday and we will be prepping the walls with strapping this weekend in preparation for the blue board. I gotta tell you that without insulated walls my furnace is running day and night and it's STILL colder than a witch's teat in my house. The view is great but it's frigid! BRRR!

My house has me so excited I feel like I'm living on uppers. I just stare and stare out my new kitchen window and don't even notice the lack of cabinets, or last night the lack of anyplace to hang my coats. Everything is piled on top of everything. My silverware drawer is sitting intact with my tableware in the upstairs bedroom. How inconvenient is that, huh? But that view is killer.

I seriously can't wait for my cabinets to come in I have my High School buddies coming to dinner at my new kitchen March 29th. I can't wait to show it off. My house may be small (20 by 40 feet) but it's starting to look like the Doll House Cottage it should have been all along.

OMG! The kitchen cabinet people just called. My cabinets get delivered Feb 28th! I am so not ready. I need walls and electric fixtures installed. But it's so exciting!

I gotta run and call Fred! WooHoo!

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Cabinets Coming