Today my kitchen gets painted, I hope, that is if the plaster is dry enough. It looked kind of mottled yesterday and this morning it was hard to tell in the early light. I hope it gets done because with base coats and all for the ceiling and the walls I think it will be a two day affair, including drying time and multiple coats.

The painter says it might be wasting paint to paint behind the cabinets but I like knowing it's done and sealed, although he says it's sealed with the base coat. I just want it done. Why do they have to debate it? I think I won't and will just ask that it be done.

I must admit that two weeks of living out of boxes is beginning to wear on me. I'm getting a wee bit bitchy lately and poor Fred is my nearest, most convenient, target .. poor fellow. I even miss cooking and my children would faint if they ever heard that. Although I can cook my hatred of it is legendary and a source of endless jokes. I never thought I'd tire of eating out. Did you know that just the bun of a chili's hamburger is 480 calories? Never mind the hamburger itself. I eat a good breakfast and a decent lunch and then spoil it all with my dinner. Eating out STARTS at 500 calories a meal, on average, and can go upwards of 2000 calories for a single meal. I'm lucky I haven't turned into a tub of lard .. oh wait .. I have!

Today is my Mother's birthday. She's 78 and spry as ever. She's slowing down some but really not much. Mostly she's slowing down to match the pace of her mother who just turned 101, whom she cares for.

This is a real kicker .. my 101 year old grandmother stopped going to senior day care. When my mother asked her why she wanted to stop she said, "Because I don't want to be raped" Now I know that these things do happen once in a blue moon but not in a very public venue like day care to a someone over 100 years old. I had to laugh. God bless her she's got an irrational fear that you can forgive at that age.

In any case I hope my mother gets a few years where she's not caring for anybody but herself, for once in her life, although she's been a care provider for so long, as mother, daughter, wife that I'm not sure she'd know what to do with herself without someone to care for. But Id love to see her winter in the south more and longer which she can't do at the moment. She's healthy and has all her marbles and could use some time unencumbered before that's no longer the case.

Speaking of health I hate getting older. Every little thing becomes an emergency that has to be checked out. I have to have my right ovary ultrasounded again. I just had it done three years ago and it was nothing. I guess it felt like it had grown to my doctor. If it was cancer I'd be dead by now, wouldn't I? But noooo I have to check it out and miss more work *sigh*

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Happy Birthday Mom