People, this is what I'm living in. Imagine every single can, bottle, pan and paper towel along with some appliances had to be removed from your kitchen and it's winter so it has to stay inside. This is my living room on the right

And this is just panning the camera to the left

Notice the refrigerator in the entrance way to my kitchen which is the only way to get to the bathroom without going outside and coming in the side door. Don't miss the TV behind the microwave either.

I've also gained 3 pounds eating out every evening. Some of that is my fault, I order the yummy fried stuff, and some is the lack of good choices at the restaurants. I can get to my microwave so that stops tonight and I start eating Smart Ones, weight watcher's frozen meals. But I'm so happy that this will all be done except for the counter top by Monday.

I seriously can't live like this much longer. The dog agrees. He's stuck in a crate all day today because Fred went to work and the painter is in there painting the walls. We had to keep him out of the paint. He's a little dog and it's a good sized crate but still, all day? .. poor thing.

The ceiling paint is done, 3 walls are done. The last accent wall is being done today and then delivery of the cabinets is on Thursday and our installer comes Friday and will finish up on Monday. The counter guy comes Tuesday to make a template but at least at that point I can move some stuff back into the kitchen and use a plank of plywood for a counter top until my silestone gets here.

I have to go to the bank and take an equity loan to pay for this. Right now I'm on 6 months no credit charge but they'll hit me with the full 20% as soon as they can if I don't move on this. The cabinets alone were 10 thousand, nevermind the window! Fred's been paying for installations and they aren't cheap either. Thank goodness for him but I think it's starting to wear thin on him too. Totally worth it in the end but I'm darned glad the end is near!

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Cramped Living