The cabinets are going up! It's Thomasville toasted almond with a darker brown glaze. It has bead board which I think looks very beachy. It's Ashton Maple Toasted Almond with glaze. You can see a cabinet front more clearly by clicking on that option at THIS LINK

What's funny is that just those two cabinets in the picture, granted one is very big, represent more room than I had when I was raising a family of four and half of that was broken. I went looking for faucets yesterday for my sink. They're all that goose neck thing-a-ma-bobs with a single mixer like my shower. Weird.

What I want to know is that some of them come with a soap dispenser. That would be one more thing off my counter top. The thing is they look like you have to climb under the sink and unscrew it from the bottom to refill it. Does anyone know if that's true of all of them?

Anyways .. more pics to come! SQUEE!

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