The past few days have been VERY busy. A high school friend is in town and weíve been trying to get together. I only have today and possibly tomorrow to accomplish this because I have my surgery Thursday (getting the lower lids done this time) and Iíll be out of it with general anesthesia that day and look like Frankenstein for a few afterwards.

It was my Grandsonís Birthday party the other night and, with money previously saved, he had enough for an X-Box 360. His grandfather on his fatherís side was mad that heíd spend that much money on a game and wanted him to save it. Me? I drove him to the mall, let him buy it and then bought him Rock Band.

OMG is that FUN!!!! But I think Iím in trouble with the other Grandparents at the moment.

While I was at work I got an email from Fred that he hadnít wired for the built in microwave correctly and he had to cut into my cabinets and my new wall!

*heart attack*

It all came out all right though. Take a look:

Fred also lowered some shelves for my new built in china cabinet and now Grandmaís china has a new, pretty home

Hereís a view looking down the length of my kitchen. You saw this view a couple days ago loaded with boxes. Notice the pretty railing on the top of the cabinets. I think itís so nautical and beachy looking.

The counter top gets measured today. Until then I have a piece of plywood for a counter top and most of it is open. What I simply love is this new cabinet. It has drawers that slide out with all the old, heavy counter top hogs. This makes all my appliances so accessible. I love it! I can get to my slow cooker or my bread machine with a simple slider instead of hogging up my counter top or other needed storage or being stored in the cellar where itís just a bother to get.

And finally the cutest doggy alive. He loves his pillow and his blanky. Heís so cute and small that heís also taken to sunning in my picture window like a cat. I think itís hilarious!

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Busy Me!