It's 5:30 in the morning and I'm off for a brow lift and my under eye lids to be done. I'll post before and afters but I'm going to be a mess today. I do *not* react well to anesthesia.

I just printed out my next of kin by order of proximity and availability. Youdon't like to think about this aspect but every surgery has a risk and no matter who drives you to the hospital you still go into that big room alone. I like to stack the deck for a fast response time.

I feel like pinning it to my chest.

You know what else? When I was having my pinky finger reset they said I had to take off my under pants. Now what the hell would they need my underpants off for? I can see my bra because they stick electrodes all over your chest but my underpants? So I didn't do it and fibbed when they asked me if I had and no one knew the difference except me and I felt better.

Know what else? I took a sip of water at 3:30. So shoot me. I'll fib about that too. Anyways I'm off and crossing my fingers for a great result. It's possible to over do and not be able to close your eyes completely. No wonder I've been up since 3AM worrying and printing out emergebcy contact letters.

I'm rambling .. haha .. better go for real!

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