Well once I heal it may be worth it! This is Meridith Monroe a TV personality, and a very pretty one I might add. My other choice was Rupert Grint of Harry Potter or Candice Bergen .. I mean .. HUH???!!!

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But pretty cool huh?

Anyways Iíve been meaning to ask, and I think I asked once before too but darned if I havenít forgotten now that itís been a year or two, but I have a reader in Maine, who never seems to post but comes by pretty faithfully.

I keep thinking itís one of Karen's relatives but I vaguely remember that I'm wrong. In any case could you drop me a comment again and re-remind me who you are? I'd appreciate it :)

I need to get a hold of my doctor. He's been sending me for all these tests and I haven't got any results. I'd like to know that the ovary isn't going to explode or something and today I had a bone density test. I took Fosomax for two years hoping to correct the osteoporosis I was diagnosed with, by accident I might add, and it gets read hopefully today. I'm going to wait until next Monday and ask for all the results, including the fasting cholesterol.

But yeah, I've had to take A LOT of time off for medical visits, including dental for someone who just started a new job. This last one was the icing on the cake but I just couldn't bring myself to go in with sutures still in my eyes. It's not a professional look at all. The black eyes are bad enough.

As far as results, Iím happy with them. When I take pictures I notice that my left eye is now a millimeter more open than my right and that was the doctor trying to compensate because the eye used to be a couple millimeters lower. Maybe it will all relax into line as the puffiness goes away.

In any case I return to work tomorrow right after the eye stitches are removed. You really canít see the line where the incision was without the stitches and the bruising pointing them out. As far as the head stitches I have never had stitches left in me for a week and a half before but I never had two pieces of skin drawn together so tightly before. For all I know he's afraid they'll go BOING and come apart next Tuesday. It better not. The incision is starting to feel tight though and I'll be glad to be rid of them. I'm starting to look and feel more like me and that makes me very happy.

I'm working on my weight now for a more youthful figure to match these eyes.

PS I'm having a dinner party for about 12 on the 29th. What is a good main meal to serve? It could be buffet or sit down.

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