My baby girl moves back in tonight. It will be nice to have her here. She's always welcome even though it's going to be a bit squishy while she's here. It's hard to imagine this little cottage once held 4 people. I even suggested that she stay a year and save the thousand dollars a month and finally buy a house and be done with it but she was kind of horrified at the thought of being here so long.

I even suggested that her BF move in with her if that's what it takes to get her in a real home of her own but I don't think she's buying it. I won't be around forever and I would love that she be as settled as her sister if my time should come unexpectedly but I guess it's not her time for that yet, maybe after she completes her Master's and is out of school. That drains her right now, financially, so she only looks at the short term for right now.

I started my tomatoes yesterday and I sanded a piece of the kitchen floor that hasn't seen the light of day in over twenty years. I just polyurathaned around it for years. Now it's getting the royal treatment because now it's visible with the new kitchen layout. I'll poly it tonight when I can keep the dog off it and stuck in the living room for a few hours.

The last of my stitches across the top of my head come out tomorrow morning. I am really glad to be rid of them. I've had to wear my hair funny to hide them and be careful when I brush my hair. I will still have a shaved strip across the top of my head but at least sutures won't be bristling out of it anymore and that will eventually grow out and be hidden.

I guess that's it except I watched a motivational speaker on public TV last night and he said like attracts like so you should think of yourself the way you want to be and let the universe take care of the how, I just concentrate and visualize the what. So today I am sober and skinny and competent at my work and debt free and I am visualizing myself as already having achieved that and I am grateful.

Oh yeah .. I forgot. I paid off my car last night and a 2K loan that's existed since the early days with the Ex.

Hey! It's working .. maybe I'm skinnier too!

PS Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm very Irish and I forgot to wear green .. oopsy!

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