Today is BEAUTIFUL! The weather couldnít be better. I pick up my niece at 2:15 after she gets out of school and take her for the weekend. Sheís gotta be 14, almost 15 by now and is the sweetest girl/woman I know. She makes me go awwww. She felt shy around Fred so Fred took advantage of a need to spend a weekend or two in Connecticut straightening things out and left for the weekend.

He inherited a house from his mother and moved into it a few years ago while his divorce was going on. His mother, apparently, was a pack rat and Fred and his son arenít much of an improvement and at first made the situation down there worse. But Fred finally realized that he needed to clear out some of the junk. The problem was that some, ok a lot, of it wasnít junk. A lot of it was valuable antiques. He had an auctioneer come by and take some of the items and Fred made oodles of money on some of them. Iím talking Thousands! Unfortunately much of that went to pay off the credit card debt he and his ex wife ran up as he took the debt on as part of the divorce agreement but at least it was another foot off his neck.

Next he went through what he was pretty sure was the real junk. Heís told me that it was bad enough that he filled one of those big trailer dumpsters that they use for construction multiple times!! I canít imagine that much junk in a house but then again I have a small cottage and his motherís house is a big old (very old!) rambling colonial that had plenty of room to fill up.

In any case heís found himself with a house still full of furniture but reasonably cleared of much of the junk. It needs cleaning and decorating now. I told him to pick just one room and finish it and the next time he goes down to pick another until heís done and whatever is excess after that, sell. So this weekend he finishes his bedroom. The hallways are too narrow to get a large bed upstairs and he sleeps here with me 99 percent of the time so heís going to clean his old bedroom up, put in a desk and a bureau and then buy a futon for a bed. That way he can get a queen bed upstairs thatís functional, even if it isnít the most luxurious bed, then his son can paint the walls and with some drapes and a bedspread or throw heís done, and finally after many years ONE room is finished in that big old house.

Meanwhile my niece and I get to have personal time together just like we used to, after all even when the EX was here he was either sleeping all day or working all night so we still had each other to ourselves. We do whatever comes up spontaneously and today I hope itís a movie. I think the Robertsonís is playing starting tonight and tomorrow night weíll probably babysit the grandkids for my daughter so she gets to see her cousins and Sunday Fred wants to take us out for brunch. In between Iím sure weíll fit all kinds of shopping and gossip in.

Speaking of shopping my cheapo MP3 player broke at the gym when I dropped it so Fred bought me another. Itís a sansa 2000 series put out by sans disk and I LOVE IT!. It comes with two months of Rhapsody and I love that too! I can save and play anything (unlimited amounts of music) for free for as long as I have the service (right now two months free and then 15 bucks a month). I only pay for the song when I go to burn it to CD and then it takes their proprietary file format and converts it to mp3 during the burn process for .89 cents a song. What surprised me was turning on the player and finding not only my library of music but channels of music I didnít even download! Entire populated playlists that seem to take up almost no room on the player itself, as a matter of fact I donít see them loaded on the player when I look using windows explorer. My guess is that they get loaded into some database.

I like that and I donít like it at the same time. I am pleased at the new songs I can listen too but disappointed that I canít manipulate the lists as much as I want to or eliminate them altogether so I have more room for just my tunes. Either that or I just havenít learned everything about the service yet. But so far itís AWESOME and Iím so happy Fred got it for me!

Heís so good to me. Heís looking into motor homes for us this weekend too and did you know that I discovered that despite going to the gym 5 out of 7 days with him and working out for a full sweaty hour that he takes me out to dinner so much that weíre gaining weight anyways????? I had to ask him to pretty please help me limit it to once a week or weíll both be balloons.

OH! And I finally settled on what my upstairs bedroom will look like. I bought THIS BEDROOM SET and I think itís nautical as hell and the only difference is that my sheets are that white and light blue nautical pinstripe with tiny red lobsters spotting it. My only problem now is that I want a wood captainís bed with all the drawers for storage and a bookcase headboard that comes in white. My walls are white. Iím either painting the walls light blue or the bed. I havenít made up my mind but Iím leaning towards the bed just because itís easier down the road. What do you think?

Well Iím off to enjoy this weather. High temp today will be in the mid 60ís. YAAY!

Edit: I apparently made my links color the same color as the background in this entry box so you can't see any link I enter! I took the quick way out because I'm out of time but I need to find out how to change an individual link color and then restore the rest of the text that follows to what it was. LOL! What a boob I am!

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