Well, it took me six hours of research but my boss has a new trademark that looks just like the old one but it's for a different class of materials.

He started out with a nail product and got a class 3 trademark. Well now he has a hair product and although that is also a class three product he can't amend the trademark to include it. He has to refile for the same trademark for the same class and add hair.

I thought "Gee with some forethought he wouldn't need to pay $325 for each new product because you are allowed to trademark in more than one class and more than one product in each class."

So I applied for a new trademark with EVERYTHING he has and is developing in the next foreseeable ten years. It's like 30 something things divided amongst two classes for his trademark named El0n (don't want anyone to find me! I better watch that!)

It turns out that his lead girl is really his daughter. She's very pretty and very sharp, all the girls there seem to be. I'm bad with names so I'm trying to remember a new person't name each day.

This is so different than my usual large corporation job where I make no effort at all to remember anyone but my immediate supervisor and closest work mates.

I think they wil be expecting me to man the phones soon so I have to learn the products better, tout suite!

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Second Day