Today he had me put his financial information into Quick Books. He had signed up for it but hadn't imported a whole years worth of data! I was recording it line by line, item by item, into the ledger and then assigning the lines to accounts when I hit the "Record Multiple" button I suddenly decided to try out and whammo! Twenty minutes later everything that had previously had an account asigned was done automatically! WooHoo! I have a few entries to clear up but wow that saved me a week's worth of work!

My Boss's wife also came into work today to take the place of their daughter who is in California attending a wedding. We are both "of a certian age". I hope she doesn't see me as some floozy he hired as a hopeful. I really don't need that, but she seems my age and is pretty and thinner than me (for now grrrr!) and shouldn't feel threatened. I just hope she isn't the jealous kind because then you could be anything dragged off the street and you'd be under suspicion. But so far, so good.

I've walked at work at lunchtime the last three days and again today when I came home. I've watched my diet and gone to bed at a sensible time and I got my reward. I'm a pound heavier .. lol!

I know if you do good, over time things will improve, scale or no scale, so I'm hanging in there but I wish there was some kind of scale that showed how good you've been so you could see steady improvment over time that reflects the effort you actually put into it.

Now if my fairy godmother would just show up right now I'd sell them and make a million bucks.

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Third Day