As long as I'm going picture crazy, here's a few of my new kitchen. You've seen bits and pieces but I'm all moved in now and it's getting the lived in quality, especially by the dog. Of course no after pictures are worth their salt without a before picture. So just to refresh your memory here is a before picture looking to the right.

And here is the same picture and angle after the transformation.

And here is to the left of the new center window.

Here is straight on with a look to my new garden window with all my tomatoes sprouting and almost ready for the outside

I have a long narrow kitchen so in case you wonder where we sit here it is on the back wall.

And of course no cabinet is worth its salt without its hardware. I love my new nautical drawer pulls!

Clam and fish

Sea Horses

And a lovely starfish

I can't tell you what a difference it makes to me to have a nice kitchen. I was so ashamed of my old one, and I think rightfully so. Sure there are worse things than a trashed kitchen in this world but it really bothered me and stopped me from entertaining. This is such a pleasure and the view outside from the new window lets in so much light that it's transformed the feel of my house. I love it!

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Final Kitchen