My cellulitis is almost gone thanks to antibiotics but I got a phone call last night from my Ex's father. It turns out that the Ex got his thumb caught in some machinery at work and the in-laws were looking to tell our daughter and couldn't find her. The accident stripped the skin right off his thumb. They now have his thumb stitched into his groin area trying to get the skin from there to graft onto his thumb.

That poor bastard never could catch a break. Yes, he brings alot of it on himself with poor decisions but honestly its like he wears a bad luck charm or something and it's only gotten worse since we split. He has no safety net anymore without me. I thought it was a good thing as it would force him to grow up but things like this just can't be prepared for and things like this happen to him all the time.

Anyways I meet a friend at the Moose tonight on the way home. I've asked her to sketch a few tattoo designs for me and she's a really good artist. I'll feel lots better going in with something that I can fall back on if the tattoo artist doesn't catch my vision of what I want because I know my friend will and it's this Thursday!

Well off to work!

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Bad thumb