Hi Brother in another state and time zone who doesn't know what's going on,

This email is really just for you, although I've sent it to all our siblings too. What's been happening is that we found a place to put Dad. It will cost a thousand dollars a month more than his social security. We only have to make up the difference and believe me, this is a bargain.

It's a southern view with alot of light for his low vision eyes with big glass sliders onto a nice deck so he can grow his tomato plants. It's a studio very much like he has now and it will be filled with his own furniture. Dad likes it too but he wants even more lights.

He will get services like an escort to the dining room. It has assigned seating so he will get to know his seat mates and make friends. The ratio of men to women is ridiculous and he'll probably have 20 women clucking over him. He will also have his meds delivered and made sure that he takes them. Another service is dressing and bathing. He will be clean, finally.

Housekeeping comes in once a week and will change sheets too, if provided. A toenail guy comes in and can do his nails, no more wire cutters cutting off tips of toes with his neuropathy. A haircut costs 7 bucks and a basket of laundry is 13 but I hope to do it myself once a week. They provide 3 meals a day and will even make him a sandwich to take to work for lunch. They don't provide a ride to work but he is only three miles from work and it shouldn't be a problem.

I am greatly relieved. It's like a small apartment and the baths have handrails everywhere and the hall too. He'll be able to use them as visual/sensory cues to get to the elevators. There are pull cords in the main room and in the bathroom but we will be keeping his lifeline button anyways. I think he will have more choice and freedom than he's had in years with the excellent food and the community areas and group dining.

I've noticed that he is using his walker more often and that will make him stronger, especially as he has to travel farther than just to the bathroom at work or from the table to his bed at home in order to do his daily living.

I made this public in case any of our siblings that were with me wants to chime in with their impressions. I think we made a good decision and I hope you think so too.

Love You,

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