I just wanted to show you all the junk we pulled out of just ONE 4-way intersection in the Miles Standish State Forest. Itís disgraceful. Here is the left of one road back about 30 feet.

This is the same left side forward about the same 30 feet.

This is the right side of the SAME road

And finally this is the final pile of tires and abandoned appliances pulled out of that one intersection.

My brother intends to go back every year and eventually it will all be cleaned up. People that lived near this path and used it every day told us that illegal dumpers had read that we were coming to clean up and dumped even MORE ON PURPOSE because they knew we were coming. We were told the pile almost doubled in the past week alone. Disgusting isnít it?

Whatís worse is that the dump fees have risen again this year and weíll probably see more of this.

Nothing much going on in the romance department. Itís all good, as usual, and isnít that a nice thing to just assume? Iím in heaven!

I canít wait for Idol tonight. Itís getting close and I think Jordin is coming on strong lately.

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Forest Trash Pictures