Enough of the bad job stuff. I keep wanting to write an email to the Ex boss explaining how wrong he was and how I didn't even have a telephone to answer for 5 days or a computer to write an invoice on until the day before he let me go but what good would that do? I don't want to return to a place that obviously doesn't want me and they have a vested interest in believing what they believe so they can keep their self images of "good people". So I'm shaking it off .. (the bahstards .. lol)

In good news territory I get my first tatoo tonight. I paid a girlfriend to sketch me up a few ideas to present to the tattoo artist and she did very well but I think she made it to charcoaly if you know what I mean. Tattoos aren't usually wispy and airy but instead are well defined but it still gives a good example of the femininity I am looking for in my tattoo.

But I'm still scared. The foot HURTS or so everyone who ever had one is happy to tell me. Maybe it's just a right of initiation where they scare everyone going for their first.

But maybe, just maybe, it's like when you're pregnant and your most trusted friend tells you the truth, that childbirth hurts like hell when everyone else is telling you that it's not so bad .. and it really hurts like hell .. *SOB* I'm scared!

I have a granddaughter with one ear pierced because she refused to have the second hole done after feeling the first one. I hope I don't walk out with a half finished tattoo because I'm such a baby and can't take it. She was in kindergarten. How do I explain it if I walk?

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