American Idol sent Phil and Chris home last night. That leaves the top 3 women and Blake. I have a feeling that this year the Idol will be a woman because as much as I adore Blake, and I think he’ll get a contract with someone, he doesn’t have the raw talent the women do. With that in mind I’m still rooting for Jordin even though Melinda is definitely the better voice. I just think Jordin could do the most with the opportunity and is potentially a better performer. I think Lakisha will be overshadowed by Melinda, unfortunately, because I love her. This is tough as they are ALL great at this point. I don’t know who will win this time or who to vote for. One bad performance could get you canned and isn’t Bee Gee’s night coming up? How can it NOT be bad?

Lost is getting out of control, I mean murder your father so you can move forward? Puhlease! And such coincidence, Lockes father ruined Sawyer’s life? Claire and Jack are half siblings? The newest rumors are that 3 or 4 major characters will die in the next few weeks. Is Freckles pregnant? Will she die along with Sun? Will me find out who Jacob is?

How many of you sleep in separate beds? How many wouldn’t dream of not snuggling every night with your honey? How many are tired of the tossing and turning and snoring and like their own bed? If you do sleep in separate beds do you think it cuts down on spontaneous s-e-x? Was that a stupid question?

I’m learning about DNS servers today .. again .. and again .. snore ……ZZZZZ

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