Two days, two pounds lost. I know that it's water weight because carbs hold fluid and I'm depleting my stores of carbs from my blood. But it's still nice to see and encouraging.

The whole thing about Atkins is the same thing that Weight Watcher's Core, the Mediteranean Diet and The Zone all try to do, which is control blood sugar. I prefer Atkins because it does limit my choices so I don't get confused or "cheat" either on purpose or by accident. It's sricter but its simpler too. In time I'll be leaning more Mediteranean (I know I spelled it wrong but oh well)

As far as exercise goes I'm really changing my idea of exercise. Before if I couldn't get on a treadmill for a mindnumbing half or full hour I did nothing. Now I walk, I dance, I bike, I hula hoop. I just move, and I don't have to do it to exhaustion. When we were children playing kept us in shape. Why can't I just enjoy moving again?

As far as the job scene my daughter asked me if I could babysit the grandkids again this summer. I asked Fred if he'd mind supporting me so I can and he doesn't at all! YAAY! So I'll have the kids Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer. It's only about 10 weeks and they go on vacation a couple of them and I will save her 100 dollars a day in sitting fees while getting the opportunity to mother these kids which is an opportunity I didn't have with my own children as I had to work and used daycare.

And one more thing. This weekend I'm taking the test to get my ham radio license and call letters. I want to be matching geeks with Fred. We can both walk around in baseball caps with our call numbers embroidered on them. I can't think of much that's nerdier than that! Fred is thrilled and is happy to have someone share his passion for radio. I think we're even going to join an amateur radio club in Falmouth.

Well it's a beautiful sunny day and I'm off to walk!

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Two Pounds