Three days and three pounds. See? This is exactly how Atkins sucks you in. I know its water weight but somewhere in the 5 pounds of weight I'll lose this week will be two pounds of actual fat and the things that I'd cheat on with a restricted calorie diet are allowed on Atkins.

I can have an alchoholic drink, not beer or wine but vodka or whiskey or even rum has no carbs, combine it with a no calorie mixer and you're golden. I can have blue cheese dressing on my salad, just no croutons. And once every two weeks I can allow myself a pizza or something very high carb and it doesn't throw the chemical balance of what's happening off (too much).

And there is definitely a chemical balance thing going on. As of today my body entered ketosis. Ketosis proves that you are converting fat and not blood sugars provided by carbohydrates into energy. I know it entered ketosis because I have the test strips and I "passed".

Ketosis used to only be seen with severe starvation and it got a very bad rap. But that's been challenged in recent times because before it was so easy to get carbs that it was only seen in starvation cases. With the newer low carb diets it's seen outside of starvation as just a result of low blood sugars and an alternate way to fuel the body.

As a matter of fact I'm eating more than I was and losing. I'm about 1500 calories per day now. I usually walk an hour for exercise and that's about it unless you count the usual walking the mall while shopping or dancing at home to music as exercise.

Well enough of that. I'll keep you up to date but I have 15 pounds to go to weigh what I weighed at the beginning of 2007 and I was fat then!

In other news my oldest daughter is buying a pool (an inexpensive above ground) so I will not only be watching her kids but I'll be doing it while in her pool. What a life!

My youngest grandaughter makes her Holy Communion this Sunday. Why they pick Mother's Day every year is beyond me but they do. I'm ordering a couple platters of lunch meat as my contribution.

My Mother will be coming and I think I know what I want to give her for Mother's Day. I can't write it here because she's likely to read about it before I give it to her.

But when it comes to my granddaughter I'm stumped. Her other Grandmother is passing on a cross and a rosary that used to belong to some older relatives so a cross necklace is out. I'm thinking a bracelet. She doesn't have pierced ears and I'm sure a ring would be buh bye in a week. I guess I'll just have to look around.

PS Yesterday was the Ex's 50th birthday. I wished him a Happy Birthday and hoped his 51st was better since he hurt his hand this year. But I was so tempted to wish him a birthday just like he gave me for my 50th year and then he could be left for dead with cancer and then left for good for a coke whore. But I thought better of it.

It's been 5 years now and it took me 3 years to find someone new. That was part of the pain and part of why it stayed so fresh. But really will this ever go away? I guess I'll always love him just a little and hate him just a little too.

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