Thank you for the advice on the "What ifs". I guess if you share so much of your life with a person it never just up and evaporates. But Cosmic had a really valid comment that made me really think. From the moment I met Fred all I've been able to do is compare how wonderful he is compared to the Ex, who really was lacking some important component that most humans have when it comes to love. Recently the most common thought that passes through my head is that if I'd stayed with the Ex I never would have known this happiness... For the rest of my life. .. That would have sucked.

As for the diet it's 4 days and 4 pounds. Jumpin' jeepers I really gained alot. I started at 185 and got to 180 with normal calorie restriction diets. This new Atkins diet has me down to 176, which I am very happy about, but ya know what? I'm still in an extra large. I still have to wear a huge blouse that leaves me with arm holes way too big just to make sure there is enough cloth to cover my chest. I gained so much that I will have to lose about 15 pounds just to go down one size, and that size is still found at Lane Bryant. Everytime I want to cheat I think about that. I have a very long way to go.

Once you get down to 140ish (for me) if you lose just 5 pounds it can change your size but at this weight it's still a supersize even if you lose 15 pounds and I only lost 4 and I bet two of that is water weight. How did I ever let this happen? I could just kick myself.

The one really good thing (besides the fact that it works) that I like about this diet is that the protein and fat really satisfy you. I could easily skip a meal. I think carbs make you want more carbs or something like that because I have totally lost my cravings.

The one really bad thing about this diet is that you have to cook. There's no prepared foods that have no or little carbs in them. So when the hunger pains hit there's no just tossing something into your gullet. YOu have to either cook or pre-cook something.

Today was two eggs, a fit & lean yogurt (only 3 carbs) and a lemon pepper chicken breast with a salad of leafy greens and blue cheese dressing. I don't know what supper is yet but this isn't too shabby so far.

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4 lbs in 4 days