I weigh 175.8 today. I weighed 176.4 yesterday. The dramatic pound a day losses have stopped in favor of half pound a day losses. At least I can assume that the water weight loss has stopped and this is real fat. Eventually it might be a quarter pound a day but I'll still be happy with that.

Fred's been gone the last two days. he had stuff to do at his house in Connecticut. He's due back today by three. I have a lot to do to be ready. First of all I have only read three of seven chapters in the amateur radio manual I need to study for the test tomorrow. Each chapter is 30 pages long but packed to the brim with information. Chapters two and three were about electronics and wave length for antennas. My head was spinning by the time I finished them but I have a good feeling about passing this test anyhow.

But if I'm going to finish I have to start now and spend the day and then start taking practice tests. So bye for now!

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Half a pound