Monday I worked all day at my father's shop and all night as a bartender at the Moose. So far, my sister in law and I have agreed that I won't show up Tuesdays and she can't show up Wednesdays, so tomorrow I'm on my own as a bookkeeper. If everything goes normal I should be ok.

Today I mail my wedding invitations. I purposely made my wedding an informal affair to keep it cheap and to be able to afford to invite more of my friends. What started out as about 100 guests has blossomed to almost 200. Even at 12 bucks a head, that ain't cheap. Fred tells me not to worry but I think he might be and not showing it, at least to me. How can you double your catering bill and not worry about it?

There might be a way I can help, but it will involve alot of my extra cash. But working for my Dad maybe I can save it up again. I think I might surprise him and do it.

On the Dad front we re-did the web site and it will be posted soon, as we changed hosts too. The mailing my brother wants is almost ready to go. We are getting orders and filling them in a more timely manner and we are planning on attending a trade show. He hasn't been in so long that vendors must assume we're dead.

I brought home a technical manual on the operation of the Spin Winder bobbin winder for Fred to get familiar with our machines. Dad wrote it about 5 years ago as he was begining to fail. It's bad. It sounds like a 5 year old wrote it. My brother is friends with a technical writer. We need them re-written badly. We have to have our manuals and handouts sound professional before we put them on the web site for download or hand them out at a show. We're finding unexpected damage at every turn.

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