Well, the shop finally has workmanís comp insurance and a new building insurance that is half the price. Weíre going to lease the building that my Father used to live in and Iím coming up to speed on filling out 941ís and WR-1ís forms,, proformas and quotes, invoices and shipping. I was definitely not born to be a bookkeeper.

Although, for a failing company, I just put out a ticket for a 25K shipment and another for 19K. We have another new machine within a couple weeks for about 9K. I think his former bookkeeper sometimes sabotaged him. It took a lot of money to straighten out the mess we found but it should be smoother sailing from now on.

I forgot how hellish it is to work and do your social duties, like keeping a home, and keeping a meeting with a friend. I have simultaneously told my friend that I would pre-walk a walkathon path, looking to mark the half way mark and told my father that I would bring him home tomorrow and do his wash. Iím double booking myself all the time and time off for a doctorís appointment? Fugedaboudit.

For three years Iíve been able to do all the things for people that they couldnít do easily because they worked. Iíve enjoyed it. I enjoy this new challenge too but I resent the lack of any free time to do ďstuffĒ. Like wedding invitation orders, labeling, collecting addresses, mailing them, buying a runner, choosing colors, flowers, cake, center pieces, banners, creating a ďsetĒ to be married in, going for a dental cleaning, the cancer doctor, getting MRIís and ultrasounds, attending school plays and friendís weddings, doing my fatherís errands, moving and wash. Iím perpetually in a state of anxiety.

I miss a good nap or babysitting the grandkids in my daughterís pool.

Hey! Someone had to do it!
I'm not getting too much sympathy. Am I?

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