Fred is in Dayton Ohio at a nerd flea market for ham radio operators. Me? Well Iíve been reveling in having the whole bed to myself. I really did start to enjoy living alone after 4 years. Having someone underfoot all the time is sometimes trying but the alternative sucks. I miss Fred.

The thing that REALLY sucks is that Iíve been to a wake, a funeral, another wake and another funeral in two days. You remember that woman I wanted to help through chemo? Sheís dead. Remember that I had a friend whose mother was dying from the very same breast cancer that could have killed me? Sheís dead too. They died within a day of each other. I think they both hung in there for Motherís day and then passed.

Sucks, Sucks, Sucks

All this and I have the flu too. I spent today, between funerals and wakes, lying on my couch, cuddling with my doggy and tying to get rid of a 101 temp. Go Me, arenít I inspiring?

Well at least I got my new bedroom furniture! Hereís some pictures!

My Mule chest

The head board

The drawers on the side

Iím THRILLED with my new bedroom! Thereís a few too many pillows for Fredís liking but I think itís so luxurious! Fred is trying to come up with a nautical looking desk for his radios. Heís so cute!

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