Well, well, well, ask and you shall receive.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
and last of all ..
Will someone please shut up the whiny bitch?

Thank you Purple Chai! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, for hearing me and sending me the solution instead of taking offense. It was never about people being ďworth it".

It was about lack of forwarders, my incompetent html, lack of notify lists and lack of a good memory for the new URLís when so many jumped ship at the same time. I really thought Google reader was the solution and then I found out I couldnít post comments from it. It was like winning the lottery and then finding out thereíd been a mistake. I was soooooo disappointed so I bitched a little and Voila! Chai told me that Google Reader *CAN* open the page and I just didnít know how to use everything in the reader available to me and she told me how I could open the real page and comment from the reader. Itís a miracle! Iíve been cured. This is so much better than a blog roll for all you of you who are off site from diaryland because you don't have to waste any time checking on people that haven't updated yet.

Itís a useful and awesome tool for anyone who reads blogs outside of Díland. Itís like a buddy list that turns bold instead of red when someone posts. Now that I can click on something and launch the page without jumping through hoops I am VERY happy. Because really, before Iíd read the RSS feed and want to comment and so Iíd switch back to DíLand and click on that personís old diary from my buddy list and find the link that said ďIím Here nowĒ and sometimes that was buried because they had made a post saying that theyíd posted at their new site so theyíd turn red in D'Land and Iíd have to click back several days to find the link because they didnít have an automatic forwarder. Multiply this by 7 people that just recently dropped out and it *was* frustrating. My blog roll down below isnít hand typed in and correctable. Itís one of those handy dandy Andy Díland shortcuts like &&buddylist&& (oops just did it for real- use percent signs instead of ampresands and it works) so I canít correct it in the html because itís automatically generated from DíLand and only links in my DíLand buddyís list old DíLand URLs.

Anyways, what Chai said (for anyone else that doesnít know) is this:

ďI too have very mixed feelings about dland because it changed my life, meeting and making friends with so many wonderful people. But it was taking me all night to post a single entry, and it was very frustrating for me. But listen! Google Reader is wonderful! When you see that someone has updated because their link is bold, click the diary name in the column on the left, and a whole column of their entries appears in the main section. To get to their actual diary entry, you need to click on the little double arrow (white double arrow in a gray box) that shows up all the way at the right edge of the entry listing. (It's kind of beneath the tab that says List view.) This opens up their most current diary entry in a new page, in its real, regular page. That's how I got to you just now, and I'm commenting. (I still stay logged into an open dland window all the time in another tab, though, so I'm always logged into dland.) It works really, really well, and I only still check the buddies page for locked diaries (in case you update your old one) and I was very, very unhappy about losing that. If anything, Reader expands your friends list because you can have non-dlanders in it, too.Ē

But for me, I just want to repeat that I am very, very grateful and thank you, Chai, for hearing me and then teaching me!

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Thank You!