There are so many great movies out at the box office but I don’t like to see them in good weather and I’m not a fan of getting out at midnight after a three hour movie either. What I *like* is going to an honest to god matinee and getting out with some day left to enjoy.

So yesterday I was supposed to watch my oldest daughter's children. I even saw her that night at my grandson’s graduation from elementary to middle school, which happens in the 5th grade around here, and she reminded me and we decided that I’d be at her house by 8AM because she had to work and her husband had to be at a town meeting (he’s our meeting representative).

Sooo, I get up at the ungodly hour of 6AM on a Saturday and while I’m in the shower she calls and tells Fred she doesn’t need me. She’s arranged to be on call. GRRRRR! Anyways, after I stopped hyperventilating and seething I realized that it was a crappy day, overcast and threatening to rain, and so it was perfect material for a movie!

I called my daughter and asked her if I could take the kids to see Pirates of the Caribbean and so me, Fred and the two girls (6 & 8 yrs old) went. I loved it. It was so over the top with action and plots and special effects that I think it was the best one yet. I laughed my butt off at the wedding scene. I want one like that! And Jack Sparrow out Jack Sparrowed himself. Just wonderful stuff!

But it was also just under 3 hours long and the girls when they get itchy from sitting too long start this with me:

“Grandma? Psst Grandma!”

Me in the middle of an exciting action scene: “What?”

Whispering “I need to go to the bathroom”

Now I know by the third time in 15 minutes that they pull this that they just want to stretch their legs. So finally I say, “No! It’s almost the end. Wait a minute!”

The little one has a tendency to do this when the action gets too intense also. So when she asked me at a particularly intensive action scene to go I told her she could sit on my lap if it was too intense, but she said it was OK. But I really *Looked* at her instead of the big sceen and she had her hand between her legs and was rocking back and forth. The poor kid really had to go to the bathroom and was trying to hold it because I refused to go another time before the ending.

It turns out they were faking going to the bathroom before and now this one actually had to go. Man, I felt bad about telling her no when she really had to go. So off we went and I still managed to see the end.

Fred on the other hand I had to nudge a few times to make sure he didn’t fall asleep at the (very few and far between) slow parts. I hate that because then they leave and tell you the movie stunk when they didn’t even watch it!

On the way out I had promised the girls a McFlurry but the ice cream machine was broken at the Mall. So we hopped in the car and the little one said, “Grandma, tell me a story.” And I said, “Once upon a time there were two little girls that really wanted a McFlurry and the machine at the mall was broken and they were sooo sad. But their Grandmother was so magical that she knew of another McDonalds just two exits down on the way home. So the Grandmother’s Handsome Prince offered to whisk them to the new McDonalds and buy them all McFlurrys and the two little girls were sooo HAPPY! The End.”

I like that story *smile*

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