Things are great around here except for yesterday, Monday.

First of all Saturday we went to Six Flags and rode Superman the Coaster! I thought Fred would chicken out on me but he made it even though it was outside his comfort level. He’s got game, huh? The last ride was the Blizzard and it was a water ride and I got SOAKED. I had my clothes stuck out the window to dry all the way home. (two hours and I was still damp!)

Secondly on Sunday we went on an Artisan’s Trail that wound through Eastham and Wellfleet and one artist’s studio in the dunes of Truro (after stopping by to say Happy Father’s Day to my Dad). We saw one man’s sculpture garden that was made out of $35,000 and UP sculptures. They were simply beautiful. We also visited enough potters for me to have found the person I want to create the tiles for my backsplash when I redo the kitchen. We also found an unexpected jeweler and I got a new necklace out of it. Fred’s so good to me.

Quickly it became 5PM and so many shops shut down that we just drove through the rest of Truro and went down the shore road to Provincetown. Man O’ Man has that town become even MORE crowded and commercialized! We drove through and went all the way to Race Point, which is the end of Cape Cod and the end of the National Seashore. It was beautiful and in season they charge you $15 bucks a day to park there! We just stopped by for free because it’s still off season.

Soon enough it was 6:30 so we left to see Taylor Hicks at the Music Tent and he put on a GREAT show! I guess you can’t win American Idol without being a very good performer. But when he left the stage no one started clapping for an encore. They just left! I was shocked!

So, the next day, everything was great on Monday and I took all three kids for awhile so my daughter could go shopping for a porch set with a table, an umbrella and 4 chairs. I though that I’d take them to a fresh water stream who’s water was warmer than the ocean for swimming and for floating down in the current to the ocean. Everything was good. I fed them lunch they weren’t fighting and I figured that we’d walk the 5 to 7 minute, half mile walk to the stream for exercise with my puppy.

We got there and the kids were playing but the oldest grandson started throwing rocks at the bigger rocks to break them and see what they were made of inside. I asked him to stop multiple times and eventually he slowed down and would only break a very interesting looking one and not near people (shards would fly) and he’d throw the parts he wanted to keep to me. So as not to continually scream I let him. He carefully explained that he could throw at 40 miles per hour and he was very good at it. So every once in awhile I’d hear CRACK followed by him investigating the shards and then he might yell, “Grandma catch!” and throw me a shard for safekeeping.

Well, I wandered downstream with the two girls and he threw a rock for safekeeping without yelling “catch”. I think that he thought he was throwing it far enough away from us that it would miss. All I know is that I looked up and suddenly down came a rock and hit the littlest girl with a solid THUNK! I started yelling at him, “Didn’t I tell you no more throwing rocks? Now look at what happened! You HIT YOUR SISTER!!!” and I started to turn her head to see what kind of goose egg she would in all likely-hood be growing on the side of her head but as I started to turn her jead my hand came back full of BLOOD!

I had to march them back a half mile to my house with the little one screaming at all the blood down her shoulder and arm (head injuries bleed like a mother!) and her sister is asking her, “Are you going to die?” and then asking her brother. “You must feel so guilty. Are you going to commit suicide?”


I get her back to my house and clean her up so she doesn’t look like Stephen King’s Carrie and look at the wound and it’s a small nick that could possibly take two stitches but not more. She’s SCREAMING, “I DON”T WANT STITCHES!!!” and I’m telling her that it’s up to her Mommy but if she was my little girl I’d use some Nu-Skin instead of stitches, it didn’t look so bad.

“What’s New Skin?”
“It’s like a body-friendly glue that will seal the cut without stitches and the boo-boo heals underneath it until it pushes it out with newly grown and healed skin.”

OK, now I have to call your Mom and I will make it clear that it was an ACCIDENT and that you (pointing to oldest boy who is beside himself with guilt and worry and swearing that he will NEVER throw rocks again) did not purposely try to clock your sister off the head. It was an ACCIDENT but your Mom is a nurse and needs to make the decision about the hospital. The boy looked like he’d faint with relief. The girl looked like she was doomed to get stitches and worried.

I scrubbed the heck out of the girls bathing suit and cleaned her all up so all her mother saw was a clean girl sitting with a damp compress on a tiny cut and not the slaughter that it had been so she didn’t freak out, thank god, because nurse or no nurse when it’s your own kid all bloody you freak out.

So the little one missed her picture taking for her dance school while her mom used the new skin and when that didn’t take too well because the cut really was small she used super glue to finish it and we teased her about using the Portuguese surgical kit and asking her if the little one was also disinfected with Vodka and did she get a bone to bite down on?

Meanwhile I took the oldest boy to his drum lessons which were cancelled and so I thought we’d stop at the dollar store and get something fun so everyone would stop dwelling on the cut disaster. I bought tons of bubbles and bubble wands and the kids were running around laughing and I was just about to go and meet Fred for supper when we hear WHAAAAA!! SCREEEECH!

My daughter’s friends little boy had stepped on a board with a nail in it and he was FREAKING OUT! They rushed him upstairs and cleaned it all out but they were going to rush him to get a tetnus shot and I asked, “Isn’t that part of all those shots they give you to enter public school?” and they thought about it and agreed that they thought it was and he was probably good for the next ten years. So the poor kid comes out later telling everyone it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore and I finally leave saying, “Wow! What a day! I wonder what the astrological forecast was for today?” and my daughter says, “Maybe it’s you! Everything happens when you are here!”

So I laugh and tell her I’ll leave and save her anymore emergencies and I make my departure. I’m eating supper out on the deck with Fred when the phone rings. It’s my daughter. She says, “I guess it’s not you. My husband just dislocated his finger and the dog got so excited about going for a walk that he jumped straight up in the air and lost his balance and fell on his head.”

What a day!!! Yikes! I’m afraid to move!

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