Well. Fred had his first third of July on my beach. Thereís so many bonfires and fireworks that it looks like the finale of a professional fireworks show except that it went on for about 2 hours steady before it even started to peter out!

My brothers that live in Massachusetts both came with families, friends and girlfriends firmly attached and we had a blast cooking hotdogs and imbibing WAY more than we should have. One brother cut his finger in a cigar trimming thingy, Fred was hung over the next day, my other brother had a fight with his girlfriend over inviting another friend who happened to be a woman also. Typical for a third around here.

The actual 4th we went to my brotherís place for a family cookout. His place is on a pond which is warmer than my ocean and he has way more room than I have on his very spacious triple tiered deck. Fred finally started to feel better later in the day but even though it was a glorious and breezy 72 degrees out it was on the cool side for swimming although I did find out that puppy can swim when the waves arenít bigger than he is. (like at my ocean)

The 5th Fred came home early and he took me to have dinner with a friend of his and his friend's wife. I think we all hit it off well and I would love to make plans to meet again.

Yannow, it canít be helped but to make some comparisons between how things went on this holiday before with the Ex and how it is now.

I had a party the 3rd and it was attended by trusted family and friends, not every idiot you can round up with free beer from a kegger. No one got in a physical fight or caused one. No one got arrested. No one disappeared on me with another woman or for drugs. No one was arrested and I didnít have to bail anyone out. No one tried to give small children dangerous and unsupervised fireworks. No one stole anything from me and no one passed out in their own puke on my lawn. No one drove away drunk. No one gave a police officer shit and brought the force down on my guests. And finally for the FIRST TIME EVER I met and had dinner with my partnerís friends, another couple, and they were nice, intelligent, normal people, not druggies or alcoholics trying to suck the life out of me because I WORKED for what I have.

This is so refreshing! Iím still in awe that this is how it was supposed to be all along. Yeah, I guess Iím still talking about the Ex but itís out of wonder that things can be so GOOD compared to what I had. Iím still having revelations and itís almost a year after I met Fred. Actually, I think we met in June of last year so Iím still in awe that life can be like this after MORE than a year with Fred. Thatís how different it is. Iím amazed!

baby, I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time
baby, I'm afraid of the way I'll leave ya'
baby, I'm amazed at the way you help me sing the song
you right me when I'm wrong
baby I'm amazed at the way I really need ya'

Paul McCartney

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